Mochi Nearby: Navigate Moishi Ice Cream Shop Locations in UAE

M’OISHÎ is the finest and one of the most luxurious Japanese dessert brands that offer authentic and delicious mochi ice cream in the United Arab Emirates. We take pride in offering our handcrafted mochi ice cream at various locations throughout the UAE, allowing you to experience the perfect fusion of Japanese tradition and the Emirates' modern charm.

You can enjoy our mochi ice cream products at various locations across the UAE. In Dubai, you can visit our flagship store at Dubai Mall, Dubai Opera house, our kiosk at City Walk, Galleria mall and more. Let our outlets be your sweet escapes, where you can uncover the hidden treasure of delightful treats and satisfy your sweetest cravings with every bite.

We're committed to spreading the joy of mochi ice cream across the UAE. No matter where you are in the country, there's always a M’OISHÎ location nearby, ready to delight your taste buds with the luxurious Japanese dessert.