Assorted Boxes

the delight of our premium mochi ice cream, meticulously crafted with the
finest ingredients and touch of love elegantly presented in our assorted boxes.
Each box offers the opportunity to savor multiple flavours, allowing you to
indulge in a diverse and flavourful journey.  Our specially curated boxes are brimming with
Mochi Ice Creams, a Japanese sweet treat that's as delightful as it is
delicious. Inside, you'll find a collection of Mochi Ice Cream flavours, such
as Coconut, Vanilla, Mango Strawberry, Bubble gum, and more with its own unique
charm. From classic favourites to adventurous surprises, our assorted boxes
offer a spectrum of taste experiences. Whether you're indulging yourself or
surprising a loved one, our Assorted Gift Boxes of Mochi ice cream are a definite
way to spread happiness.

Don't wait! Unleash the magic of Mochi Ice
Cream with our Ice Cream Boxes. The delight of unwrapping a box is only rivalled
by the pleasure of savouring the flavours within. Place your order today and
let the sweet journey begin.

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This box includes 8 pieces of delicious and guilt-free Mochi Ice Cream with low calories: 8 Pieces of Bubble Gum Mochi Ice Cream
Regular price AED 151.20
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Indulge in the rich and exotic aroma of saffron, perfectly blended into our creamy Mochi Ice Cream.
Regular price AED 126.00
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Enjoy soft and chewy biscuits sandwiched between a mochi. This treat is the perfect answer to your sweet cravings. Get mix of five pieces of Mochi Sandwiches flavors. Chocolate Cotton Candy-Yogurt Blueberry-Vanilla Strawberry-P...
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