The sweet taste of authentic Japan

About Us

The Company produces the Mochi Ice Cream in UAE using the best quality of ingredients from Japan and UAE to please the taste of the customers. M’OISHÎ business model addresses business to customer, with retail outlets located in malls and home delivery, and Business to Business with supplying HORECA in GCC and events/weddings catering channel.

Our Flavors

Mochi ice cream is wrapping ice cream in the Japanese traditional mochi rice cake. This fusion desert of Japan authenticity and ice cream is now popular in eastern Asia and most western countries.

Our Menu

Carefully-crafted and well-thought-out, our menu offers a wide variety of authentic mochi ice cream flavors and other unique Japanese sweets for an unparalleled dessert experience!


You can find M’OISHÎ in the most iconic locations in Riyadh

Saudi Arabia

Nakheel Mall Gate 3 - Riyadh 2433 Riyadh 12485

Panorama Mall Gate 3 - Riyadh Al Mathar Ash Shamali, Riyadh 12332

Riyadh Park Gate 2 - Riyadh Riyadh Park, Gate 2, Riyadh 13511